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About Us

We grow our products hydroponically in beautiful Cheshire CT, centrally located between Boston and New York.

We at Maple Lane are committed to growing our products without pesticides or fungicides in a GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified environment using only non-GMO seed. Our products are harvested as living plants, enabling our customers to buy produce that is dirt and grit free and stays fresh over a period of time that is without parallel in the industry. Our customers are fine grocery stores and food distributors who are devoted to obtaining the freshest, tastiest produce from Maple Lane for their retail customers such as Stop & Shop and Whole Foods.

Our Products

    • Arugula

      Arugula is a salad green that goes great in mixed salads! Its spicy, peppery taste serves to accent whatever it is paired with and the plant, as an added bonus, is rich in Vitamin C and potassium.


    • Bibb Lettuce

      Bibb Lettuce is also known as Butter Lettuce and is our original product. Its broad, loose leaves are perfect for using as wraps or in sandwiches. It  has a sweet, nutty taste that goes along well with its soft, buttery texture.

    • Mache

      Mache, or Lambs Lettuce, is a gourmet salad green that grows as a low rosette and has become very popular in the U.S. after being used extensively in Europe for centuries. Mache has a nutty taste, three times the Vitamin C of lettuce, and makes a great garnish or accent to any meal.

    • Oakleaf Lettuce

      Oakleaf Lettuce has leaves similar to the tree; elongated and lobed with some serration. The lettuce we grow is extremely dense with a mellow,nutty and sweet flavor. This lettuce has become popular because of the quantity in each head combined with that sweet taste. A winner!

    • Red Butter Lettuce

      Red Butter Lettuce has the visual appeal of its red coloring along with a superior texture and a sweet, mild taste. Our heads have waxy green leaves that contain burgundy and copper highlights. This lettuce is ideal for wraps, sandwiches, or in a mixed salad.

    • Red Veined Sorrell

      Red Veined Sorrell is our latest addition at Maple Lane and its rapidly growing popularity comes from its truly distinctive appearance and its tart, lemony flavor. It is fabulous when used as a garnish or added as a unique accent to any salad.

    • Upland Cress

      Upland Cress can be used as a garnish or in sandwiches, soups and salads. The plant is high in antioxidants and its tangy, peppery taste will add a flavor punch to any culinary dish.


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